*Chris Munden
"It Ain't Wrong" single, Cornslaw Industries, 2009.
Features "It Ain't Wrong" (C. Munden/T. Malley). Chris Munden on guitar and vocals, recording and backing by Josh McIlvain. Visit cornslaw.net or archive.org for more information and to listen to and download song.

*Tim and the 23s
Dislocated, Swell Music, 2009.
Features "This Party's Gotta Woo" (T. MalleyJ. Gangwer/C. Munden/). Chris Munden on backing vocals. Visit timandthe23s.com for more information or CDBaby to purchase, download, and listen to song sample.

*Rachel Andes
Eulogies for the Living EP, 2009
Features "Poem" (C. Munden/R. Andes), "South Street Bridge" (C. Munden), "Of His Coming" (C. Munden/R. Andes), and "It's A Living" (R. Andes/C. Munden), independent release, 2009. Visit myspace.com/rachelandes to listen to these tracks and view lyrics.

*Tim Malley
Tim and the 23s LP, 2009
Features "Through the Door" (T. Malley/C. Munden), "Mississippi" (C. Munden/T. Malley), and "It's Enough" (T. Malley/C. Munden), independent release, 2006. Visit CDBaby to purchase, download, and listen to song samples.